Your Conference. One App.

Conference App

  • Login for all conferece participants (Chairs, Delegates, Organizers, SGs)
  • 11 modes of debate
  • 21 customizable motion types
  • Points
  • Dedicated statistics for Chairs, Delegates and Organizers
  • In-App Voting, Roll Call, Motion Submission, Raise Hand etc. for Delegates
  • Document approval process
  • Esay document sharing
  • Conference Schedule
  • Virtual Goodie Bag
  • Chat
  • Organizer announcements
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Login for all conference participants (chairs, delegates, organizers)

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11 modes of debate

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21 customizable motion types

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Dedicated statistics for chairs, delegates and organizers

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In-App Voting, Roll Call, Motion Submission, Raise Hand & more

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Document approval process

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Easy document sharing

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Conference Schedule

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Organizer announcements

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To get you started there are no restrictions in the app except a user-limit of 10.

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1€ / User / Day

The Conference App scales to fit your conference. You can add as many or as few users as you want. Be it 10, 200 or 5000. More slots can be unlocked easily when running the app in a web browser through the admin home page.

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Try Our Demo Conference

Conference App Demo

To get a taste of the Conference App without having to create accounts, you can use our demo conference. Launch the Conference App and use the following email and password combinations:

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