Development Partners

St. Gallen MUN 2021
SGMUN was the first conference to use the Conference App back in 2020. As a close partner in development they have once again used the Conference App during their 2021 conference.
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DGVN, the German United Nations Association is a generous supporter without whom the MUN Command Session App would not be where it stands today. This way, DGVN is promoting and supporting Model UN globally with cutting edge software.
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WiseMee supported MUN Command with quality feedback and a warm welcome in the MUN Start-Up world from day one. It is the most comprehensive MUN resource. Today we are proud to provide the best rated MUN Committee Software by WiseMee.
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Initiatives pour le Désarmement nucléaire.
For the occasion of the "Journée contre les Armes Nucléaires et pour la Sécurité" we've partnered up with IDN to jointly test the Conference App whilst providing participants of their competitive MUN with a next-level debate experience.
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The Edinburgh Model United Nations Society is the largest society in Scotland, and one of the most prestigious in the UK. They are using MUN Command in their weekly sessions to engage with their members even better.
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The Model United Nations Initiative Karlsruhe is one of Germany's most reputable MUN societies hosting their annual KAMUN conference for 10 years. In November 2021 they hosted an extraordinary in-person conference using the Conference App.
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The Virtual Model United Nations Conference VMUN in May 2020 was the first conference to use software provided by MUN Command. They used the MUN Command Session App to chair their conference with ease.
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MUN Inc.
Based out of Kairo, MUN Inc. is a well established institution within the MUN world, providing Model UN Training to countless students every year.
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