With time the number of features in the Conference App got pretty large. Our aim when building any new feature is to design it in such a way that it is intuitive to use without any extra explanation. Still, to make sure you have a place to go in case you do get lost we set up this documentation page. We'll be adding to it continuously.
If you'd like to contribute, feel free to get in touch via our contact form.

1. Committee Setup

The MUN Command Conference App allows numerous ways to configure your committee. Below you find explanations to some of the most important features.

Add Delegate View

1.1 Committee Popover

After adding members to your committee you can still modify them using the button on the right hand side.

  • Kick - Removes the delegate or country from the committee.
  • Change Country - This allows you to change a delegate's country. If you only added a country without also sending an invite (meaning without providing an Email address as you added the country) this option is not available, you can still kick the country however and add the correct one afterwards.
  • Modify - This allows you to change the details of the user you invited to register for this country (First Name, Last Name, Email). If you mistyped the delegate's Email this can be useful to correct your mistake and send a fresh invite to the correct address. After a user successfully registered to the country slot this option will not be available anymore.
  • Invite User - This option will show if, whilst configuring your committee, you only added a country without providing any user details (i.e. no Email). Using this option you can now invite a user to register for this country slot.
  • Veto Power/ Regular/ Observer - This allows you to change a country's power status. Veto powers and observers will be shown as such with a little icon by their avatar. Veto powers will effect substantive votes accordingly, whilst observers will not be able to vote during substantive votes.
Committees Popover Screenshot

1.2 Excel Import

You can import and invite large numbers of delegates at once using the Excel Import function. You find by clicking "Add Delegate" in the Committees section of the admin's Configure tab.

Using the spreadsheet template provided below, fill in the delegate details. After uploading the spreadsheet to MUN Command, all members listed will automatically be added to the "New Members" card.

Upon selecting "Invite Delegates" in the App, all delegates will receive an invitational email, adding them to the committee you're currently modifying. It is not possible to add delegates to multiple committees using one spreadsheet. As such you will need one spreadsheet for each committee you'd like to import delegates to.

If you added a country which doesn't exist within the UN, it will be added as a custom country, meaning instead of it's flag it will show the MUN Command logo.

If you add a country without providing user details (i.e. no Email address), the country will still be added to your committee. You can still add a user and send an invite afterwards from the committee's page or just use the country within the committee without someone actually being logged in and using it actively as a delegate.

Download Spreadsheet Template
Excel Import Screenshot