The Dream Team

Tobias Budig

Being the head of Karlsruhe’s Pioniergarage startup-cluster, Tobi is the team’s tech-wizard. He’s extraordinarily well-connected in a network of programmers, software-engineers and startup-experts.

Alexander Dietz

Merging both worlds – MUN and programming, Alex has vast experience in both areas. As a seasoned MUNer, he excelled as a delegate and organized conferences himself. Professoinally, he develops his extensive programming skills in a software company.

Alexander Kapp

Alex is an MUN-legend in South Germany with unrivalled chairing experience and a passion for crisis elements. Undoubtedly, he is both the aesthetics and User Experience expert of the group, making MUNCommand both look and feel great.

Jonas Bruns

Jonas is the visionary of the team with feature-ideas that know no limit. Thanks to him we have future-feature-lists scrolling for days. Having been a Secretary General and successful delegate and Chair himself for years, his network and experience are unparalleled.