Conference App Alpha 1.2 "Nerf Gun" - Release Notes

After the first testing during the last weeks, we've updated the Conference App Alpha to Version 1.2, bringing the below features and updates.

In hommage to the toy keeping our days' adrenaline-filled and full of excitement, no matter how tough a problem we might be facing - this version is dubbed "Nerf Gun."

Release Notes

New Features

  • Settings in the Dashboard. Chairs can now toggle on and off almost all delegate-side features such as motion submission and self-add to GSL to adapt the app to what's best for the committee's flow.
  • Chairs can select countries as submitters of motions. The selected country will be registered as a motion submitter, the corresponding country will be shown in the motion list, and the motion will count towards the delegate's statistics. If a representative submits a motion him- or herself, it will continue to automatically be registered as his/ hers.
  • Delegates can only submit one motion at once. If a delegate wishes to introduce a motion, the new motion will override the old one despite already having introduced one. A hint is shown to indicate that this will happen.
  • Change vote majority. You can now select between different majorities in the primary voting feature.
  • The first statistics displayed on the dashboard. Chairs can see committee totals, delegates see their individual statistics.
  • Custom members can be added to committees! No longer are you limited to UN members, you can add whatever country or organisation or... person you can thinkg of. First thing I just added was a delegate of "Killerfish". You can't customize their flags yet but you know - Step by Schritt.


  • Vote (Performance improvement and a bug fixes for changing votes of countries who already voted)
  • Login (Better user feedback during the login process and fixes for an issue where an account was created in the authentication platform but not in the database)
  • Chair vs. Delegate Features (In some modes, delegate accounts had access to removing people from speakers lists and reordering- not anymore)
  • General usability (Hover tooltips for chat and points on delegate side, Chips indicating vote settings, Placeholders, Current Home-Mode Indicator)

In the Barrel

  • Statistics Page - The numbers are already there. It's just a matter of designing the page, laying it all out nicely. This will - in its first iteration - likely come very soon.
  • Documents Page - For the last two weeks, we've been working hard on the documents page and already implemented some of the core features (Upload, download, approval process). It's still kind of a long way to go in terms of sorting out access for the different roles, share documents, pass them through motions, etc. but we're feeling pretty good about being able to release the first iteration in the few weeks.
  • Profile Page - With the introduction of the profile page, you will be able to change your account details, switch between conferences (instead of the current popup modal), and see personal statistics. The introduction of this is part of a broader overhaul of the login and signup process. A lot of work has gone into this behind the scenes of the last weeks. This, too, should be available within a couple of weeks.

You've been testing and have any feedback? Let us know either using one of the homepage forms, on Insta or WhatsApp. You're keen to be part of the testing program? Contact us ideally on so we can see what we can set up for you.

In the meantime, debate better and stay safe out there!


Alex (Kapp)